Downsizing Tips to Make your Life Easier

June 17, 2021

You might be one of the many who realized that your home is bigger than what you can sustain, than what you can keep on paying for a long period of time and than what your family really needs. If that’s the case, then you need to downsize.
That might be sound simple, but there’s a process that you need to follow in order to seamlessly transition from your old home to a smaller one. These are the things that you need to do when you’re downsizing.

Downsizing Tip 1: Choose your essentials.

Choose Your Essentials (Downsizing Tips to Make your Life Easier)
You have to realize that downsizing means decluttering. You cannot bring every piece of item in your current home and cram it in a smaller space. Identify the most important items that you need in order to maintain the dynamics in your new home and let go of the things that you can do without.
Consider buying the same item but in a smaller size. That can include furniture like your bed frames, cabinets and tables. Having a yard sale will be helpful in adding to those kind of expenses.

Downsizing Tip 2: Assess if you can afford to downsize

Assess if you can afford to downsize (Downsizing Tips to Make your Life Easier)
What do we mean? Doesn’t the cost of a house go down if it’s smaller? Not necessarily. You have to take into account the extra monthly expenses that might be added like the HOA fees, and other miscellaneous charges. If the location of your new home is in a much luxurious neighborhood, expect groceries, school fees, parking fees and others to be higher.
While this can be a possibility, there’s also a good chance that you will be spending less. Just take note that moving to a different neighborhood might include some unforeseen monthly expenses so be thorough with your research.

Downsizing Tip 3: Make sure everyone moving is onboard in downsizing

Make sure everyone moving is onboard (Downsizing Tips to Make your Life Easier)
Downsizing might be a practical move for your family, but getting every family member to understand the need to move is essential for you to be able to transition well. This might need a certain family conference or one-on-one conversation. Whatever works for your family to get ready, do it.
Every move will be stressful, whether it be an upsize or downsize. Just remember that your housing needs change as you and your family grow. Take note of these downsizing tips. A good preparation time is essential to make the move as flawless as it can be.
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