What Makes Danville Awesome?

September 17, 2021

What makes Danville awesome?

Danville is a charming town that has a lot to offer. Their motto even says that. “Small town atmosphere, outstanding quality of life.” From the location, to the people, the what one can do in this town, you will always find something that suits your taste.
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Danville California

Danville weather

Average weather in Danville California
from weatherspark.com
If you ask anybody within the town, one of their top reasons why they choose to live here is the weather. According to BestPlaces, the comfort index of Danville when it comes to its climate is 8.5/10. With an average of 260 days of sunny days (205 days is the national average), only 19.3 inches of rain as compared to the national average of 38.1in and 0 inches of snowfall, no wonder the people are loving it here!
Pros and Cons When Living in Danville California
Source: bestplaces.net

How safe is Danville?

How safe is Danville California?
Source: safewise.com
Danville is pretty safe. It’s actually the safest city in California!
It’s violent crime rate in 2021 is 0.5%, 0.4% for both 2020 and 2019. The national average violent crime rate is currently 41%. For property crime rate in Danville, it is 6.6% this 2021, 7.2% in 2020, and 7.8% in 2019, decreasing each year! The national property crime rate is currently at 42%.
It’s safe to say that you’ll definitely have peace of mind while you are in town.

Activities You Can Do in Danville:

When it comes to the things that you can do within the town, the choices are endless!
If you’re a dog lover, you will love Canine Corral.
This beautiful 1.5-acre land is the perfect place for you and your pet to mingle with other dogs and pet lovers in town. Dogs can run free without their leash provided that they are not aggressive, not in season, and not younger than 4 months. You can also bring your children who are aged 9 years and above.
SPORTS: There are a lot of fields and gyms within the town to keep your body moving. Due to the COVID-19 situation, gyms are still currently closed until further notice.  However, there are also several athletic programs for adults, teens, and kids that would definitely ignite your competitive spirit.  Adults can choose between basketball or softball are a regular sport, or if you want to try something new and unique, try Bocce ball! There is also a regular basketball program for the youth but is currently on hold until further notice. The swimming pool is not currently open and you can apply for aquatics lessons here! If you’re into golf, Danville has lots of country clubs to choose from!
LEISURE: Want to walk around parks and meet new people? Danville has 6! Each park offers unique activities for fun and leisure.
Parks in Danville California
These parks offer lots of activities like horseback riding, plenty of wonderful walking trails, picnic areas, play areas, tennis, volleyball, and even baseball. You’ll definitely not get bored with this place.
Not convinced enough? Here are more reasons to love Danville parks!
ARTS: Are you an artist? Your love for art will never be quenched with the multiple galleries and activities for people like you.
We also have a Village Theater where artists perform every once in a while.
For more lists of fun activities, go here.

Danville Community

No question about it, Danville is bursting with life! The lovely town does not only prioritize fun and leisure, but also the people’s health. Visit the farmer’s market to discover the Taste of Danville to find fresh and delicious produce for any season.
Danville California
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